Who we are

Code for Greensboro, also known as Code for GSO for short, is an organization extending from Code for America our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor. We serve the local communities in Greensboro, North Carolina through Civic Tech to solve community needs.

What is Civic Tech?

“There is no one ‘industry standard’ definition of civic tech...” -Stacy Donohue

There are a few expamles that demonstrate what civic tech is, but the common traits to civic tech would be focused on engaging in processes to help resolve community and social problems through technology. The Omidyar Network defines their meaning of Civic Tech as “technologies that are deployed to enhance the relationship between people and government, by giving people more of a voice to participate in public decision making and/or to improve the delivery of services (usually by gov’t) to people.” (Huffington Post). Technologies can be developed by non-profit, for-profit, and non-government organizations. For Code for GSO, we develope technologies and resources that we give away to the local non-profits, governments, and other brigades of Code for America at no charge.


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